Home Features That Help You Sell Faster

92% of buyers say they desire a laundry room. This is one of the top home features that Help You Sell Faster. A laundry room helps the homeowner with the daily chores. All you have to do is throw your dirty clothing into the wash and set it and forget it. An hour later, check back, take the clothes from the washer and throw them into the dryer. Set it and forget it once again and go on with your daily chores. A convenience to die for.

For those of us who have sold houses in the past, we know that specific features help sell your home faster.

Here’s the list:

  1. Laundry Room 
  2. Energy Star Appliances and Windows
  3. Exterior Lighting
  4. Patio
  5. Ceiling Fans
  6. Full Bath on Main Level
  7. Hardwood Floors on Main Level
  8. Garage Storage
  9. More Insulation than Required by Code
  10. Eat in Kitchen
  11. Walk-in Pantry

What surprised me from the list was #5 – ceiling fans and also #9 excessive insulation, but what do I know. My choices instead would be a fireplace because, don’t be fooled, Central Florida does get a little chilly in the Winter and it would be nice to have a fireplace you could snuggle up to. Natural light would be another choice. Nice big windows to let all the light in, maybe accordion sliders to a lovely patio or pool. All bringing in an extreme amounts of light.

patio11 Home Features that Help You Sell Faster 1Bathroom11 Home Features that Help You Sell Faster 2pantryLaundry

Enjoy the infographic.

Sourced from FloridaRealtors.org